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To ORDER, Email

What to include in your email:

  • Flavor(s) of Pie Pockets

  • How many Pie Pockets

    • Minimum Pie Order for DELIVERY: 8 Pie Pockets

    • Minimum Pie Order for PICK-UP: no minimum

  • DATE of delivery or pick-up

  • Cell phone number for updates on the day of delivery or pick-up

  • Location of Delivery

    • Delivery fee will depend on location address ​

    • Free PICK-UP orders are in the 32806 area (exact address will be sent to you when your order is confirmed) ​​

  • Disney Resort Deliveries: Name on Reservation for front desk delivery ($10 delivery fee)

  • Universal Resort Deliveries: we will personally have to hand you your pies ($5 delivery fee)

  • Other Orlando hotels: please check with your hotel if a front desk delivery is available. If not, we will meet you in person (delivery fee will depend on location)

  • Your home or a neutral location: we will personally have to hand you your pies (delivery fee will depend on location)


Order Confirmation

A PayPal invoice will be sent for your order confirmation. Once you have paid, your order is confirmed!

Order Notice:

For orders a dozen or less, 4 - 7 days minimum.

For orders larger than a dozen, 7 - 10 days minimum.

For events or very large orders, please email for availability. 

These notices can be flexible depending on what's in stock, please don't hesitate to reach out and ask! 

Pick Up Order Late Policy:

If you are 15 mins late to our agreed upon time and have not communicated you would be late, there will be no refund issued. If you need to change our agreed upon time please let us know at least 12 hours in advance to schedule a new pick up time. 

Unavailable Order Dates: 

  • April orders limited

  • April 4th - April 13th, 2024

  • April 19th - April 21st

  • June 21st - July 10th, 2024

Dates subject to change. 

If you have any other questions, please let us know by emailing

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