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What to include in your email:

  • Flavor of Pie Pockets

  • How many Pie Pockets (8 Pie Pockets minimum for delivery)

  • DATE of delivery/pickup

  • Location of Delivery

  • Name on Reservation for front desk delivery (If applicable) 

Minimum Pie Order for DELIVERY: 8 Pie Pockets


A PayPal invoice will be sent for order confirmation. 


Order Notice:

For orders a dozen or less, 7 days minimum.

For orders larger than a dozen,10 days minimum. 



Delivery Fees:

  • Universal Studios Area - $5

  • Disney Property/Area - $10 Fee

  • Other Orlando Areas - Fee depends on location

  • Local Pick Up - Free

Delivery fees are subject to change depending on location. Thanks for understanding. 

Universal Deliveries: meet in person. Front desk is not an option.

Disney Deliveries: Front desk option 

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